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Tina Hui is the CEO and Founder of Follow The Coin. She is also a journalist.

Tina is an advisor and occasional PR partner of several business, tech and media companies including KangaDo, Babelverse, One Medical Group, Magnetic Speaking, Girls N Gadgets and more. Tina is active in the tech community and an avid supporter of several NPO, NGO and political organizations including The Nexus Global Youth Summit.

She is a serial entrepreneur who has started several businesses and ran her own freelance marketing, business development and strategy consultancy for over 10 years until she founded Follow The Coin.Tina has a Bachelor of Science from The University of San Francisco and was formerly a marketing and media executive for many great companies and startups including Warner Bros. Pictures, Warner Independent, Fox Atomic with Terry Hines & Associates, Snapfish By Hp, Eat24 and more. Her first marketing internship was at The San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Tina has always been active in the NPO and NGO space, either volunteering or sitting on boards throughout her career. She is an alumni member of Alpha Phi Omega, the largest collegiate fraternity in the United States focused on service. She enjoys helping people and working with them on ideas and projects. Some of her best memories are of being on the board of directors of some of the most innovative non profit and community organizations such as First Graduate, Project By Project, San Francisco International Children’s Games 2008, Social Media Club and The Asian American Theater CompanyEach positive effort to improving lives, can make the world a better place.

Tina and her team are firm believers that collaborating and working together can be a catalyst for effecting change. 


Follow The Coin is the homepage of digital currency and FinTech, with the leading video news platform for Bitcoin and FinTech.

Knowledge is powerful. Staying informed is critical.

Follow The Coin makes news, information and education about complex subjects like Bitcoin, finance, FinTech and financial literacy fun, interactive and enjoyable. We love to connect companies, projects, tools, products, services, ideas and people through

information. Our community is incredible, we’d love to have you join the conversations and hear what you’ve got to say. Do come out to some of our events, the people in the space are incredibly talented and have a wealth of knowledge to share.

We are passionate about empowering folks through information.
At Follow The Coin we want folks to be financially savvy and informed in a fun way.

Some of our video coverage:

We are excited to be partnered with some of the best people, companies and projects in the financial tech and Bitcoin industry and if you have a great idea, story, knowledge base, product or service in the space, let us know! Please send us an email at team@followthecoin.com.

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We believe that a dedication to improving lives, can make the world a better place. We would love to explore ways in which we can collaborate with your project and grow your business. Please feel free to contact us to be considered for partnership and with any interest in working together across our network. Contact Us

Current Projects and Partnerships:

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Follow The Coin is the homepage of digital currency and FinTech The leading video news platform with the best Bitcoin and FinTech coverage online.

Join our engaged community! www.FollowTheCoin.com Youtube.com/FollowTheCoin @FollowTheCoin Facebook/FollowTheCoin 

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